Kuching Damai Puri Beach Resort, Sarawak, Borneo Malaysia

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Damai Puri Resort

I could consider this to be the latest and one of the best holiday Beach Resort in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Cater

ing for both families and for romantic couples the holiday

Damai Puri Resort

resort has activities to suit almost everyone such as water sports activities, including sea and river activities. Children andadults would love the kayaking, although they do close shop quite early. I saw a couple who wanted to rent the kayak around 4pm and were told that the shop is closed. The workers there are more relaxed than the tourist !! I suppose they acould be

Damai Puri Resort

on a working holidays …..

Damai Puri Resort Rooms

Damai Puri Resort

Those who are into more different kind of holiday adventure such as land activities can visit the nearby national park, go jungle trekking ( I believe that is an hour journey return ( I suppose that depends on each individual walking

Damai Puri Resort

pace…..they are on holidays, after all…) and mountain climbing (I didn’t trythat, weather was too hot for my liking….).

Damai Puri Resort

You can have more sedate holiday activities like cycling, table tennis and board games. Swimming in one of their 2 BIG pools, yes big pools is indeed the word I would use to describe the pools. Very clean indeed.Check out the picture of the pools. Very

Damai Puri Resort

impress with the cleanliness and the size of the pools. As this holiday resort is slightly more expensive than

Damai Beach Holiday Resort, its neighbour, the locals don’t tend to come here that much and guess what ?…. not many screaming kids and the pool and surroundings are cleaner. Even if kids are occupying the adult pools, it is big enough for adults to swim their laps ( never fear you are missing out on your daily marathon swim  !)Kids have their own huge pools with water slides etc, so why would these kids choose to swim in the adult pools if they can have a better pool to play in and enjoy their own holiday fun.

Damai Puri Resort

As usual, in these kind of holiday resorts, you have to haveyour ( a delicious full buffet breakfast is provided) lunch and dinner at the holiday resort itself , unless you have your own transport so you can seek out your own food yourself or you might fancy a nice long walk in the steamy Malaysian heat! About 20-30 minutes from the holiday resort, turning left as you enter the main road walking out from the resort ( pass the Cultural Village), there is a small Malay restaurant owned by this lovely couple and their daughter. They served simple Malay food and it is not expensive as compared to rmost holiday resort prices. Worth a try.

Another bonus is that the holiday resort is just 7 minutes walking distance to one of Malaysia’s cultural activities, the Sarawak Cultural Village. There is a shuttle bus from the city to this beautiful holiday resort. If I had to stay around Damai again, I won’t go anywhere else but Damai Puri Holiday Resort.


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  1. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends who mentioned that they are visiting Kuching. Damai Puri looks like a great resort for relaxing.

  2. Well looking at your post, I must say everyone would think of such kind of initiative, when they are making any travel plan for beach travel. Awesome thought.

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