Holiday Resort in Phuket, Thailand

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Pool just outside Room

I stayed at one of the best holiday destinations, Palms Kamala Beach Resort for 7 nights, booked through the Agoda website. Great for honeymoons holiday and great for couples holiday as it is not overcrowded. Great for family holidays as well as the pool is not too deep. This holiday resort  is very clean and most interesting in that the Poolside room is literally just ou

KamalaBeach Resort

tside the pool. That means you can just walk out of your lounge room, through a sliding door and walked straight into the pool. This holiday resort is great for kids as the pool is not too deep. We are in Room 107 & 106 and the depth of the pool is up to my knee (adult). For adults, it is a bit difficult to swim, more forkeeping cool. It would be great for young kids. The pool around the other rooms are deeper (waist deep). There are only 3 floors, so in low seasons, there might be just only be a few people around, which is great for quiet relaxing and sun bathing. Make sure there is no renovation going on during your stay at any holiday resort.

Very Sapcious Room

Our apartment is a 2 bedroom apartment, 2 bathroom with a kitchen. That means you have the freedom during your holiday vacation to have healthy meal.

l cooked by yourselves. Rooms are serviced daily and coffee and tea are replenished daily.

I had a wonderful relaxing time staying at this hotel. It certainly is one of the best holiday destinations for me. The only downside was the renovation that was going on during our stay. I would recommend this hotel to anyone with family, honeymoon holiday / vacation or just couples who wanted a relaxing holiday. So if you like a holiday resort that is buzzing

KamalaBeach Resortwith people, this is not the place.

The other thing is that it is not facing any beach or have any beach view even though they had advertised some of the rooms as having a beach view. The trees and tall buildings in front of this holiday resort had since overtaken the view ! Overall a great holiday destination. The beautiful Kamala beaches are just 2 minutes walk away.

Guess how much this apartment for 6 nights cost me. AUD$300.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Resort in Phuket, Thailand

  1. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming and romantic who make our souls blossom.

  2. Kamala Beach and the whole Western side of Phuket is one of my favorite places to stay in Thailand. I love the great beaches and back drop of lush tropical hills.

    I would really like to stay at the Palms Kamala Beach Resort as mentioned, never seen it before but I know that holiday resorts in Phuket are fantastic.

    Thanks and take care,
    From Thailand Tourism and Living.

  3. Hi,
    sounds like you had a great time.
    I was curious to know how you solved the transport from the airport to Kamala?
    My boufriend uses a power wheelchair and we are now thinking of going to Phuket. Kind Regards C

    • Hi Cathrine,
      Our taxi fare from Kamala Beach to the airport cost us 500 bhat. That is using a normal 5 seater car. I am sure the powerwheelchair can be folded and put into back of the boot, (and your luggage can sqeeze in with back seat passenger?). Otherwise the Thai are very accomodating and I am sure they can organise a bigger car that will cater for the disabled. Good luck and tell me how you go with this issue.

  4. What to say? I am just planning my beach vacations and I found your story reading for last quarter of hour . Wonderful !. I wonder if I could make a trip to Thailand soon. Strauss

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