Kuching Sarawak Museum, Sarawak, Borneo Malaysia

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Sarawak has a few museums and I believe the most famous holiday spots in Malaysia is the Kuching Sarawak Museum.

Sarawak Museum

I believe the Kuching Sarawak Museum is one of the oldest and best museum exhibits in

the whole of South East Asia. A must for all ”holiday museum enthusiasts. Located next to the Mederka Palace Hotel, the museum exhibitions are divided into 2 buildings, one on either side of the pedestrian walkway/bridge. The old wing, a beautiful colonial building was built in 1891. It houses fantastic natural history display, varied & wonderful animals of Sarawak such as the elusive and ever intelligent mouse deer, our decedents, the Orang Utan, the beautiful collections of butterflies and beetles, fauna & flora of Sarawak, the skeletons of snakes & other animals etc. Also on display are each indigenous tribes life style eg the shrunken heads (priced possession) of the enemies of the Dayak

Sarawak Museum

s who are also known as the head hunters. There are also historical records of the various minerals of Sarawak such as petroleum.

There are also many artifacts from the holiday travellers from all over South East Asia who settled in Sarawak eg bowls, pots, burial jars etc from the Ming, Sung & Ching dynasty etc. These artifacts are located in the other building. The history of early settlers, the rulers such as the White ‘Rajah’ Ruler egCharles Brooke, the end of colonization of Sarawak and the start of the Federation of Malaysia etc are also displayed in this other museum. A must to visit, for any holiday sight seeing t

Sarawak Museum - Whale Bones

rip to Kuching

In the Museum grounds, there are fish/alligators aquarium and a beautiful luscious botanical garden of tropical plants, Heroes’ Memorial to commerate the soilders who died in the World War II, the Communist Insurgency and the Confrontation with Indonesia.

The entry fee is Nil, Yes, free…. I believe, the only museum in the world, that is worthwhile seeing and yet free.
This is also good place to get out of the heat after walking in the gardens & aquarium as it is fully air conditioned.

I believe this museum is a must for all tourist on holidays to Kuching.
No photography is allowed in the Museum but the great thing is, it is free !
Opening time is 9am – 6pm and closed on first day of public holidays.

4 thoughts on “Kuching Sarawak Museum, Sarawak, Borneo Malaysia

  1. As you have correctly mentioned in your website travelbugholiday.com, the entry to the Sarawak Museum is also free. I also noticed that most museums around the world are not. So anyone visiting Kuching should visit this Museum. I find it awesome. The Cat Museum is also free and very interesting for cat and non cat lovers.!

  2. are the cats dead or alive in the cat museum? is it like the cats shelter in Langkawi i wonder. over there all the cats or kuching are alive.

  3. I conjointly noticed that the majority museums around the world don’t seem to be. Therefore, anyone visiting Kuching ought to visit this Museum.

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