Holiday Tips for the Disabled

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The following tips and resources will help disabled holiday makers and travellers and their companions anticipate some of the snags of accessible travel.While this would be the case in a perfect world, it doesn’t always work out that way in real life.
The Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees that disabled holiday makers and travellers receive equal treatment under the law.Each person’s needs are a little different, and travelling in cookie-cutter airline seats, hotel rooms and rental car fleets can be very tricky.Compounding the problem is the fact that there are as many disabilities as there are disabled folks.Meanwhile, the sheer abundance of information on accessible travel is astounding — much of it generated by disabled travelers themselves.Travel by people with disabilities, also known as “disabled travel” or “accessible travel,” is on the rise.

Despite having common sense, considerable public sentiment and strength in numbers, disabled holiday makers and elers frequently face inadequate facilities, prejudice, misinformation, general hassles and higher prices than other travelers.The holiday and travel industry waking up to disabled travelers’ special needs by providing more services and greater accommodation.

Everyone travelling needs are different, Check out these helpful links:- airline seats, hotel rooms and rental car fleets.

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Legally service providers are required in many cases to accommodate travellers with special needs. The Air Carrier Access Act requires that you give the airline at least 48 hours’ notice if you are travelling with a group of 10 or more disabled passengers. It is appropriate and out of courtesy that you call the airlines ahead 24 to 48 hours. It also pays to mention your needs at the time of reservation, and call the provider before your arrival to confirm that proper accommodations have been made. As you can understand, these circumstances need special arrangements.

Be specific and clear when describing a disability. Not all service providers know the “lingo” of accessible travel, or the medical terms for certain conditions. Don’t downplay the severity of the disability. Some companies arrange trips for folks according to the level of “self-care” of which they are capable.

Check with your doctor as to whether it is advisable to travel. Be specific and clear when describing the trip to your doctor. A doctor can often prescribe measures for coping with an unusually long flight, limited medical facilities at your destination, the unavailability of prescription drugs, and other pitfalls of travelling. It is wise to get a letter from your doctor, listing out your medical conditions. medications and any possible complications.
As you well know, luggage can be lost in transit, so bring extra medication in your hand carry luggage.

Depending on the seriousness of your condition, it might pay to investigate if there is a doctor readily available where you are travelling to.

Aother important point to consider while on holiday is to keep in your person, readily information on your medical condition such as allegies etc.

Ensure that you have plenty of time befoe checking in all the way to your gate for boarding and also check with the air hostesses an plan of exit upon arrival at your destination.

Oh yes, bring spare parts and tools for your wheelchair. Understand that although airlines and airport will try to cater for your needs, most would not have the necessarily parts & tools to assist you in case of emergency repairs.

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