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Greece For Free


I was recently in Athens and I had been here on 2 Sundays now and I have worked out that all entry to archeological sites eg the Acropolis or the Ancient Agora which would normally cost Eur 12 is ‘Free’.   I was told that some museum are ‘free’ as well but not the National Museum. Private museums are not free.

I found out that on Sundays between November 1st and March 31st, these special deals are on.

At the heart of Athens,  just opposite the Greek Parliament, in Syntagma Square, there’s free WiFi availble.

In Rhodes town center there are several places that offer free Wi-Fi access as well as  the Swedco cafes, look for the one located near the Casino. All the Fin cafes, choose the one next Rhodes’ Municpal Gallery, in the 100 Palms sq. I was told to go to McDonalds for free Wi-Fi access, but most of the McDonalds are so packed that it is not funny trying to get a seat.

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  1. As you have correctly mentioned in your website, the entry to the Sarawak Museum is also free. I also noticed that most museums around the world are not. So anyone visiting Kuching should visit this Museum. I find it awesome. The Cat Museum is also free and very interesting for cat and non cat lovers.!

  2. are the cats dead or alive in the cat museum? is it like the cats shelter in Langkawi i wonder. over there all the cats or kuching are alive.

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