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Sapporo Ski Fields


After lunch, we went to the tourist information centre at JR Station, just near Daimaru shopping centre. The staff there speak good English thus we managed to get good maps and find out about travel to snow fields and train/ski packages.

We then took a train to the end of line at Makomanai station and was told that we can take a bus to Ban-K snow fields ( one of the smaller ones, which is only 1 hour away, although the brochures says it is 30 minutes away from the heart of Sapporo!) Ban-K ski field looks like a great place for beginners skiers. Ther are the Peak Connection Course and the Orange Connection Course. There is also a snow kids park, near the Centre Lodge ski rental area. The snow kids park is a mini amusement park popular among kids and sightseers alike. It cost Yen500 per adult and children over 3 years old. Child minding room is also available for parents who need to be up the slope learning how to ski ! A normal 3 hour ticket cost Yen2,500 and 4 hours Yen2,800 and all day include night skiing $3,600. Flat rate all day use is only yen2,000.

Upon our arrival at the end of the train station, we realized that there is only 1 bus stop and buses are not very regular, approx 3 hours apart. Our timing wasn’t properly executed thus we would have to wait almost 2 hour before the next bus. We decided to take a taxi instead. That taxi ride cost us Yen2,730 for 4 people. If we had taken the bus, it would have been much cheaper. Ski hire at Ban-K with food in their restaurant and ski pass for 4 hrs is Y5,500 yen. That is quite reasonable. The powdered snow look very inviting but we arrived quite late in the afternoon, we decided that we only have 1 hour or so before we have to head back home. We did what tourist does, took photos, drank hot chocolate, Yen 600 per cup. (quite expensive)and watch the skiers while we drink. We figured that drinks might eb more delicious infront of a crackling fire ! There are 3 eating places to choose from.

Ban-K ski fields is approximately 20 minutes from Odori Park. We didn’t get to go there. When it is time to head home, we took a bus to Marumaya subway. Only cost us yen200 each for one way bus trip. Then we use our daily ticket for the subway back to Susukino station near our hotel.

We all decided unanimously that we all wanted hot food, as the weather was fairly cold. We all ended up in a noodle shop. The noodle was really nice and had quite a variety too. After dinner, we went for our walk (as usual) and stumbled across the same type of noodle vending machine shop that we just visited yesterday lunch. We didn’t realized that it was a franchise. I reckon the food for a franchaise is not too bad at all. I really don’t mind going back again.

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  1. I just read that the log cabin houses in Rusutsu are awesome. There is an early winter season deal that includes a one night stay, a two day ski pass, unlimited access to the onsen (hotspring), a breakfast buffet, swimming pool, and a return bus journey from Sapporo Japan. All this for the bargain price of, wait 8,800 yen! The deal is only available from the end of November until the middle of December so usually around this time snow is scarce. If you are only going for the skiing, then I wouldn’t bother. The real reason to go is for staying in the cabin with a group of friends. The skiing is just a bonus. Just built snowmen and lazed around for the trip and have a great time!

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