E-cigs for Travellers

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Since I have replaced smoking cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, travelling is now no longer such a stressful event. In the past, I used to worry and stress over not being able to get my nicotine hit in airports, trains and hotels but now this is a thing of the past. With electronic cigarettes, I can basically get my nicotine hit whenever and wherever I like. I just make sure that people do not see the vapor I exhale whilst vapping (vapping is the process of ‘smoking’ an electronic cigarette). When vapping, there is no smoke, ashes or smell. The only tell-tale sign is the ‘steam’ that is exhaled from me which is not harmful or irritable to the people around me. In airplanes, I just blow the ‘steam’ into my blanket/coverlet or just go into the toilet for a few minutes to get my ‘hit’. It’s even better now in hotels since I don’t have to make sure to book into a room with a balcony or easy access outside. I just vap to my heart’s content in the room and nobody knows any better nor do they care.

If you do not know what e-cigs are or would like to get started on it, please go to:
so that I can get a referral fee.:) My referrer username is ‘jefflai’.
I started off with the Joye ego starter kit (US$50) from that website. And added extra nicotine juice (18 mg). Apart from the starter kit and nicotine juice, you may need spares. I’ve got spare batteries (900mAh), spare atomizers (Joye eGo cone shaped mega atomizer) and even a spare usb charger.
Took me about 1 week to change over – from 1 pack a day (for 30 years!) to 3 cigs a day (in 1 week) to none a day – all in 2 weeks. Now, it just costs me about $5 – $10 per week to smoke my e-cigs. But, best of all, no more stress when flying or annoying people around me with passive smoking!

3 thoughts on “E-cigs for Travellers

  1. Apparently the big drugs companies – the makers of stop-smoking products are putting their money behind an anti electronic ciigarette battle – not so much the cigarette companies (as you might presume) – as these tobacco companies are putting money into them.
    I can really appreciate the health gains of e cigarettes.Thanks electronic cigarettes.

  2. I suggest people search on the web for for electronic cigarettes to see for themselves
    how well rooted this industry is, and how gigantic the range is for these life saving products is. What angers me, though, are the increasing number of articles in the media saying how dreadful they are.
    It seems, pharma companies – the makers of harm reduction smoking products are backing an anti-e-vape war – less so the tobacco firms (as one might suspect), as these are putting money into them.
    I can really appreciate the improvements of e cigarettes. Just arguing – that there is always a secret agenda with big companies trying to stop electronic cigarettes – our country’s leaders must do a lot more to help. It makes me so cross. I really hope they don’t ban them.Not touched a fag for 5 months now due to using e cigs.

    I am now an evangelist for these electric cigs. Thanks electronic cigarettes.

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