We made the Cabbies Weep, Italy, Europe

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We made the Cabbies Weep

“Let us go to Italy, my brother announced and before the words were out of his mouth, we found ourselves in a plane from Melbourne in Australia where we live to Frankfurt. From Frankfurt we went by train to Annercy in France, and lingered for a week4 ski ing in Grindelwald in Switzerland. After that Italy was a train ride away. So we arrived in Milan central station one sunny winter day in February. We walked 200 meters to our hotel – Monopole Hotel -four people, with 3 suitcases, two carry-on’s and a guitar. From Milan we took a train to Chiavari, near Portofino on the Italian Riveria. The Chiavari station was a small quaint place and we walked to our – Hotel Ferrari -about 200meters away. After spending three nights in this sleepy town, we trained to Florence and as what we had done before, we found an apartment on the internet, 500 meters from Florence’ Santa Maria Novella station. From Florence we trained to Rome and the hotel waas again walking distance away.

We toured Italy without ever taking a cab anywhere, and made the cabbies weep. How did we do it? By trains and finding hotels near train stations.”

Article from Moni of http://monichinamatters.blogspot.com/

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