How and Where to Find Cheap Airfares

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How and Where to Find Cheap Airfares

I have discovered that buying a fix dated ticket is not as convenient and could be costly ( if you have to make changes to the dates/destinations on your ticket).

In my experience, and based on the kind of travelling I do ( total flexibility- no time/country constrain), I am better off buying a one way ticket via the internet to my first destination.

The trip I made to Europe was with a return air ticket had cost me more that I anticipated whereas my friends who travelled with me only bought a one way ticket via the internet. In the end, I added iup the cost, the cost of my ticket was more than their as I had to make various changes to my ticket and each change costs !

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  1. In the past, I had been using travel agent and tour bus for my travels. In the past few years, I have found out that I can easily do it on my own. either by myself or with a group of friends. I have had no problems at all in checking on websites similar to my own travel websites to gather relevant information on all form of transport in a country that I am about to visit. Be it air. train, bus etc.

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