Hills and Highland in Malaysia

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March 2010

This is another day trip I did from Kuala Lumpur. I borrowed my friend’s car and drove up the hills to a place called Cameron Highland. In the brochure, this place is described as a tranquil hill station, positioned 1800 meters above sea level and made up of small villages, tea plantations and exotic flowers. I believed I was in for a treat! The road is windy but some car travel quite fast.

Must be youngsters who know the road very well. You won’t want to travel up this road on a weekend as Malaysian tend to park their car along the side of the roads, hopped off and buy local fruits, drinks etc on the roadside from the many small villages along the road. This caused a mini traffic jam as cars just cannot get past the parked cars. It can be quite frustrating and will certainly slow your journey up the mountain.

I stopped by at the Lata Iskandar Waterfall. It is a majestic waterfalls cascading 25m down into a series of rock pools. I also visited the indigenous village on the way up the hill, visited a tea plantation and their own tea factory next door, which was quite interesting, called upon a flower garden as I had heard that flowers are much more exotic up in the cool hills. Bit disappointed.

Finally I arrived and I am greeted by local stalls selling food, fruits, drinks all over the roadside and cars just cannot get through as they looked look they have more right to the road than motorist. I wasn’t expecting this sight at all. Decided I need a cup of tea, so went to the smokehouse for scone & tea, A very English looking cottage called The Smokehouse. However I found it to be very disappointing and expensive. The food is probably catering for the locals who do not know a thing about jam & scones. Came out poorer and totally unsatisfied. I decided to park my car nearby and walk around to get a fill of the place. In my opinion, there si nothing much on top of Cameron Highlands to write about.

Could it be that I am expecting too much of this place as the locals keep telling that I must go to Cameron Highland? The only saving grace is the cool weather up here. Maybe that day is not my day after all. I drove down the mountain feeling quite disappointed.

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