Transport to and in Las Vegas and Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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18 September 2012
Transport to and in Las Vegas and Hotels in LasVegas.

Arrived at Vegas on 18 Sept 2012 from Los Angeles. I had asked around and had checked on the internet reviews on opinions on how to get to Las Vegas. Five percent of people suggested taking the LuxBus and the rest suggested either drive or fly there. The cheaper option is either driving or flying as you can rent a cheap car or fly using a cheap budget airlines, provided you book early. If you try to book a flight a few days prior to travel, flights can go up or even double in price.

Taking the LuxBus is sometimes the same price as flying or maybe more. I was originally going to take the LuxBus but because I only tried to booked a month prior to travel, seats were all sold out. I contemplated taking the cheap bus such as the GoTo or Grayline buses but had read bad reviews about them and also the tourist information officer in Los Angeles had discouraged me indicating that not only is it harder to get to downdown Los Angeles to catch the Grayline bus from Santa Monica, it is also not as safe. Thus, I decided to fly to Las Vegas instead. As I only booked my flights 2 days on the internet prior to departure, there are no cheap fares left. The Delta airline flight, one way cost me US$107 per person plus US$25 per luggage.

Taxi fare from Santa Monica to the Lax Airport cost me US$45 includes tips. Taxi fare from Las Vegas Airport to my hotel at Hilton Elara cost US$18 includes tips. Hotel cost US$140 per night. The other hotel around Hilton Elara I would recommend would be the Travelodge. Not only is it cheaper than the Hilton, only costing approx US$55 plus tax per night, it includes continental breakfast, free internet access, microwave, coffee machine in room and a pool. The Hilton has free internet access. Internet access cost US$9 per day, not 24 hours access. The other hotels on The Strip, slightly further from City Centre is the Riviera hotel, costing US$40 per night and the MGM Grand is US$61 per night.

In Las Vegas, there is the monorail which the locals refer to it as the tram. A One Day ticket cost US$15 and a Two Day ticket cost US$24. You may be able to find a discount voucher of US$4 on the Vegas2Go booklet all over the shopping complex. There are only about 8 stops you can get on or off with the monorail.

I personally prefer to use the RTC, ie the Deuce bus as there are more stops, more frequent and I only wanted to travel up and down the Las Vegas Boulevard. It is also the cheaper option is to use the RTC, the Deuce bus. It travel up and down the Las Vegas Boulevard, commonly known as the Strip. The cost of the tickets are: 2 Hour pass is US$5, the 24 Hour pass is US$7, 3 day pass is US$20. All tickets(excluding the 3 day pass) can be purchase from bus driver, but you must have the correct change. The 3 day pass must be purchase from the vending machine. I had purchase my tickets at both in the bus and at a vending machine at the bus stop near the Bellagio fountain. The machine takes credit card. The deuce bus operates 24 hours a day, every day at approximately every 15 – 20 minutes interval. You can visit for more information

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