Venice Canals at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA

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18 September 2012

Today 18 Sept 2012, I have half a day before my flight to Las Vegas. This is another sight I won’t miss when I am in Los Angeles. Like the sites at the Tar Pits, these canals are not well advertised in much travel sites or books. I am not sure why that is the case but if you do visit Venice Beach, you must make an effort to go there to check it out. This canals are the ones shown in NCIS Los Angeles where Digs fought with an enemy and was throw off the bridge into the canals.

I took the BBB7 to Santa Monica and took the BBB1 to Venice beach. Both these bus trip took approximately 1 hour. I stopped at the bus stop at Windward Circle along Main Street. After getting off the bus, I then walked along Windward St and turn at first left into Pacific Parade and walked for approximately 15 minutes. Next, go pass North Venice Boulevard and turn left into South Venice Boulevard. You will see a sign 1 block away on the right hand side of South Venice Boulevard.The sign says “Venice Canal Walkway”

The houses along the canals with their little boats moored at the canals makes a really pretty picture postcard. I can just imaging myself living in one of the houses there. Very quaint indeed. As I walk further towards the beach, I came across this very famous Venice beach, where many locals goes there to play basketball, paddleracket, run, bike etc. The original muscle gym is still there and is frequent by locals. This area has a great number of eaterys, shops selling beach goods and many kinds of souveniers. You can also find many Beach Doctors who can prescribe you marijuana. These doctors at the Green Doctors are real qualified doctors.They charged US$40 for an evaluation.

You can rent a room for US$2,000 per month facing Venice beach.

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