Places to Visit in Dubai

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January 2010

Places to Visit in Dubai
We checked out these places during our visit to Dubai:

Water Fountain in Dubai Mall
Water Fountain in Dubai Mall. You need to check that out in the evening. You can see the view very clearly all around this huge pool. You don’t need to rush to find a strategic spot to view this fantastic water display.

Atlantis on the Palms

Other attractions are the Lost Chambers with over 20 marine exhibits. Walk through the Lost Chambers with over 20 fresh and seawater marine exhibits including sharks, stink rays, piranha, giant arapaima, giant grouper, lionfish and much more. Entrance fees: adult AED100 children AED70.

Aqua Adventures

Visible from miles offshore, the Ziggurat is the centre piece with its 27.5 meters near vertical drop propelling visitors through a submerged tunnel into a shark filled lagoon. Sensational downhill rides and uphill coasters, a 2km long wave river over 1 meter high waves and tidal wave pool. Even though this place cost a bit to get in, it is worth it, if you are someone that can handle a vertical drop of over 27 meters drop. My friend went in but I didn’t as I don’t like any ‘drop’ of any kind ! He said it is amazing and he never had that experience before. Adult AED285 and children AED220 (incl. Lost Chambers)

Ski Dubai

Indoor snow ski resort, the first ski resort in the Middle East. Amazing mountain theme snowed setting to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing or just having fun in the snow park.
Adult snow parkAED80, Adult snow slope ski pass AED180
Child snow park AED75, Adult Snow slope Ski Pass AED150

Dolphin Aquarium
Experience the trill of close encounter with both highly trained Dolphins ad seals. A show fun for whole family. Seal and Dolphin live show, Marine education, swim with Dolphin program,
Adult AED 100 Children: AED 50

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are at Dubai Mall, where the tallest building is situated. The aquarium is similar to the ones in Atlantis but this one has walk under water through a 48 m long tunnel, experience what it is like to be 11 meters below ocean surface.
Aquarium tunnel adult AED 20 and child AED 25
Underwater zoo and aquarium adult fare: AED50

Sand Safaris

In my personal opinion, I decided not to use use Oasis Palm Tour. They seem to be the largest tour outfitter there, at least for this tour. There were about 20-30 4x4s all in a big convoy bashing around the desert. At each of the ‘activity’ stops, you are competing with all these other people on the tour for a ride on the sand board or camel, or for the food. Use a less advertised outfitter and make sure that they are not going to lump you in with 50 other people.

If you’ve never been to the desert, you’re better off going to the real thing – like Namibia or Egypt. Maybe even to an oasis in Oman (Al-Ain), though I didn’t make it there myself. If you’re easily entertained, go for it, but otherwise, just skip it and enjoy the pool at your hotel.

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  1. Dubai really does have some great attractions and you have shown us many of them here. Ski Dubai is amazing I did that last year. I have not tried the Sand Safaris I will have to try that next time im in Dubai thanks for the tip

  2. Thank you so much for this informative post. Actually, I am planning a trip for the first week of November and after reading this post and Definitely I will be go to the in these place just like water fountain,Underwater zoo, sand safaris in Dubai.

  3. Thank you so much for this informative post. Here you explained everything about this post. I really appreciate your writings. You have perfectly explained all the details of the topic.

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