It all started a few years ago when my partner asked me if I’ve been to Florence and I replied that I did. “So, what did you see in Florence?” my partner asked further. That kind of stumped me. I knew that Florence was in Italy somewhere but had no recollection of what I did or saw or more importantly, ate in Florence (apart from pizzas)! After that I resolved that I would diarise all my holiday trips from then on. Then at least I will remember where I’ve been and what strange foods I ate with the aid of my travel diary. One thing led to another and eventually this travel blog was born – most importantly, I could incorporate photos into this travel blog and I could access it online during my travels. I could not do this with a diary or travel journal.

We tend to travel using a modest budget by choice. We tend to find 5-star hotels a bit over the top and they don’t really enhance our understanding of the local culture. Typically, we like to stay in a place for a few days (preferably a week) before moving on. We like using public transport for most of our sightseeing unless it proves too challenging or it is expedient to do so using a tour bus. We usually book our motels/hotels near a train station or subway.

This travel blog hopes to give you some travel tips and hints around the world. I hope you enjoy reading and find useful some of the Posts and in return you might like to give me a buzz by clicking through some of the advertisements I have included in this travel blog. Thank you!

Opinions and articles in this blog are solely those of Tikus and are copyright protected.

If you like to advertise, contribute an article or two, ask a question or three, feel free to email me at: Tikus@travelbugholiday.com

This travel blog is partly sponsored by ChinesebyDesign which is a Chinese language Centre offering Zoom group classes for students from around the world.

Check them out because they have both Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese Zoom classes which uses Accelerated Learning techniques as a unique teaching methodology.

I booked my accomodation via and Booking.com
I booked my airfares via Your Trip, Your Way at Expedia.ca

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