How to choose the right accomodation for you

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How to choose the right accomodation for you

I have had numerous experiences in staying in hotels/apartments in Europe. Sometimes up to 4 hotels in one area for example in Athens. I changed accommodation many times just to have a variety and to experience the different types of accommodation so that I can share with travellers like you.

The facilities I looked for in accommodation are (in order of priority):

Internet Facilities

As I travel and book my flights/train and hotels via the internet, internet facilities in the room is a must for me. The hotels that provides internet facilities in the lobby and not in the room are good but not good enough as it is not as convenient ( provided you travel with your own laptop).

Near Railway Lines
Because I travel in and out of cities and at different times of the day, I find that it is more convenient to walk to my hotel/apartment then to take a taxi in odd hours of the day. I also don’t have the hassle of trying to find a taxi and haggle for a price or have the fear of being cheated on the price of a taxi fare. I also find that if I am near a train station, I can visit sites more easily via the train.

Are you a smoker?
Balconies are great especially if you are a smoker. If you are not a smoker, it is wonderful to be able to sit outside and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere in each new city ( if you face a street or view).

Research using travel websites

Finding a good hotel for your holiday can be tricky, not least because you are often booking it from the other side of the world. Travel guides may rate hotels and websites such as TripAdvisor,com or or are very useful. I have found these websites to be most useful whilst researching and booking my holiday accomodation for my travel. On the other hand, why not check out the rates of the hotels on the hotel booking websites and email the hotel directly and asked for a discount. Hotels advertised with the various agencies have to pay commission, so they may be happy to bypass the agencies and split their commission with you. It works for me throughout my travel.

How to Kill Time
All international travellers have to face it: long hours-long stopover between flights in an unfamiliar airport.Rather that warming an uncomfortable seat at the depature lounge, why not take advantage of the airport facilities or better yet, explore the ”holiday” city you’re in? offers the inside scope on more than 200 airports around the world. Killing time in Italy airport? Why not take bus to the city central? Bus 73 runs daily and connects the airport and the Milan underground at San Baliba Station on the redline, one stop from one stop from the city central Duomo Station.

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