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15 September 2012

I am still in Los Angeles 15 Sept 2012 so I decided to check out the Santa Monica shopping centre especially the 3rd Street Promenade, that stretches across 3 blocks. I took the US$1 blue bus about one block outside my hotel. Weather today is hot over 100 degree fahrenheit but I took a jacket with me as I was told that the evening temperature could drop dramatically.

3rd Street proved to be very interesting with many different kind of entertainment from musicians playing classical music to pop singers to the golden oldies. There are also the acrobats, clowns,hip hop dance all basking their trade/talents. I literally spent my whole day walking around the shops surrounding the 3rd Street promenade, ocean avenue, visited the Santa Monica pier ,  had a pizza lunch. Later I rented a bike for US$7 an hour or US$18 for a whole day and bought a couple of clothing items that were on sale ( summer sale). In the later part of the day, I sat around starbucks for my coffee after my final shopping  and had a good laugh with a fellow tourist watching a man inviting people to play chess with him and they have to give him a US1 donation, even if they didn’t finish playing the game. He stress that it is not a bet to win or loose but a US$1 donation to him for playing with him. I suppose that is how he earn a bit of money for his meal each day. He might be a hobo for all I know as he dress differently to everyone and unshaven as well.

As the evening started to fall, I walked across the Santa Monica pier to watch the sunset. Being a Sat evening and due to the hot weather, the pier and the beach are extremely busy with cars parks near the beach filled to its brink.

Approximately 8pm, I took the “Big Blue Bus” back to my hotel for a US$1.

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