Perth, Australia

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Perth City Lights

As a person that has never been on a flight for more than two hours, my first trip to Perth was outstanding! (as told by an unseasoned traveller).

My family and I flew from Kuching to Johor Baharu, Malaysia and took a cab down to Singapore and from there, flew all the way to Perth. It was certainly a long and tiring flight, but worth every second spent. We arrived at Perth close to midnight and a friend of my mum’s, came to fe

SwanRiver Perth

tch us back to her house where we stayed there for the rest of the t

rip. To my surprise, Perth was colder than I expected! It’s like below 16 degrees from your normal air-conditioner at night! Better remember to wear a jack

CottesloeBeach Perth

et the next time I visit Australia.

The next day, we went around the suburbs for a start and visited the small shopping centers within the suburbs. Although the sun was shinning brightly that morning with no clouds to block the rays, it was still freezing!

During our trip, we went ‘’hunting’’ for people who wanted to sell their houses. All of the houses looked ver

Perth city_night

y much different from the houses back home. Believe It or not, the kitchen is the main

Perth city_day

center of the entire house. With the car we rented, we managed to drive around from suburb to suburb and visited some old friends there. From them, we learnt more about what Perth is like and their lifestyle.

Perth has many interesting universities and colleges. Curtin University has a huge campus for students an

d with Canning College right beside it, this makes it flexible for those who graduate from Canning College. Murdoch has a college and also a university right next to it! Guess the people are rather smart. The friendly and clean en

vironment of all these universities enable the students to feel welcome and gives them a fresh mind to continue their studies wherever they are.

brighton_beach Perth

Instead of gathering our own information, we made some new friends from the churches who gave us a lot of useful information. First of all, there is a huge difference between the churches in Perth and the ones back home.! In Perth, we see people jump about and singing Hallelujah! The preaching is very much motivational and down to earth. The people we meet were also very friendly. Strangers see


m to smile at us and greet us, and are ready to help when we got lost. I was pleasantly surprised with such hospitality. We were invited to friends houses (recently met or old friends), for dinner and ‘was offered help just in case we needed to know more of Perth.

Once time, when we were not learning anything or gathering information,mum’s friend brought us to a park next to a river for barbecue! We enjoyed ourselves despite the rain that made the weather colder than it already was. I saw the sunset slowly disappearing down the horizon of the river, it was all so beautiful.