Overweight when returning back from Holidays ??

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Overweight when returning back from Holidays ??

Who has NEVER had this problem? Well, since I am a traveller, I had faced such problems numerous times. It had been a real challenged to me to stay the same weight after my holidays.

When I go on holidays, I love to enjoy myself and one of my favourite pastimes is testing all the different type of food served by the different culture in the ‘home ‘country where the cuisine was born. For example, it was hard for me to go to Italy and not sample the pasta or visit Greece and not eat their souvlaki. So, can you imagine how many kilos I had to ingest while ‘enjoying’ my favourite pastime.

I have to admit, I am not one to exercise. That is true for older people or for the disabled. So I had to look for an alternate solution to assist me to keep to my ‘normal’ weight. I say normal because I understand that my normal is not your normal. It is an individual choice as to how much one personal weight should be.

I have tried various ‘diets’ from cabbage soup to not eating to eating small numerous meals and so forth and none had worked for me. Not to say it won’t work for you. All seem such a lot of effort or hard work to me.

So I decided to try this method (mind over matter, a new habit).
1) I try to become an expert in slow eating by talking more or putting fork/spoon down in between each mouthful.

2) Sleep an extra hour as that helps reduce my snacking.

3) Try to be more of a vegetarian.
4) Loved soup, especially the clear soup.
5) I reduced my bread and rice intake, especially at dinner time.
6) Skip the bacon (one of my favourites… bacon & eggs).
7) Eat thin base pizza with more vegetables topping than meat.
8) Eat pasta with only red sauce, not white creamy ones.
9) Reduce my sugar intake in my tea or coffee. Easier than I expected.
10) Limit my alcohol to social occasions and used tall thin glass or small glass.

11) Replaced part of my alcohol intake with green tea. Very refreshing.
12) Eat more times at home so I can properly manage what I eat.
13) I try to substitute chewing gum to snacking.
14) I use smaller plates for my meals. Thus, my food potion intake is reduced.
15) Was told at a health seminar that I should eat till I am 80% full, not 100%.
16) If I eat out, I always eat half and doggy bag the other half or share with friends

To my surprise, I find that I can achieve the above quite easily. I also found that I did reduce my weight to the weight I was before I travelled. I am also conscious that whilst I am on holidays, I do try to keep to the list above as much as possible.

I realised that eating like the French has its benefits. They eat small amount of tasty food.

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