Ice Hotel, Sweden, Europe

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Hey, Has any of my holiday reader ever been to this hotel? Wow. Brrrr. Yes, what other description can I use. I checked it out on the web as there is a possibility that I might end up there one day as my holiday destination.

This hotel is in Sweden. I had been in Sweden for


holiday but never knew this place existed. My tour guide must not be that great !! The article says that this hotel is built from scratch every year with ice supplied by Mother Nature. Imagi

ne never sleeping in some old room or bed (occupied by millions of travellers). That is CLEAN. Cannot imagine what the toilet

facilities is like.

Check out the picture of the Ice Chapel, the bed, (note the ‘’supplied by hotel’’ sleeping bag on the bed) and the Drinking Hole (The Absolute Ice Bar )

Ice Hotel Room

The Ice Hotel is situated on the shores of the Tone River, in the old village of Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland. Sound like a beautiful picturesque holiday site.

The temperature in the Ice Hotel Holiday resort is… yes… guess what between -4 and -9 degrees centigrade.
The Absolute Ice Bar must be a lovely, natural meeting place for all guests. Even for me, a non drinker, I must make a point to meet folks from all over the world there, just for the experience! I have read that celebrities such as Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss do visit this hotel.

Drink with celebrities from glass made from ice, no need for ice cubes. HOW COOL IS THAT ! What a holiday story one can tell…..