Museum of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California, USA.

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2 October 2012

Museum of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California, USA.

If you are in the vicinity of the Presidio, you must visit the Palace of Fine Arts. Built in 1915. This palace of fine art is a must to visit, if you have the time. It is really a beautiful Greek looking building, a photography spot for tourists and weddings. For the historian, this building is built on land originally belonging to the Presidio. After a major restoration in the 1960s, the building is now a theater venue. During the war it was used to store Jeeps and later went on to star in Hitchcock’s Vertigo. I will look out for this spot when I am watching my movies from now on.

The main attraction is the classical Roman rotunda with curved colonnades in an idyllic park setting. I personally feel that I am in Europe whilst strolling through a very quiet park. I was later told that there’s a secret listening exhibit (sound column) inside one of the columns of the rotunda. The sound column is a musical instrument whose resonating chamber is a 60-foot-high room. I miss this experience as I didn’t know about it. If anyone had experience this, please let me and other readers know what you have experience by writing in your comments.

I only walk to the middle dome and called out to experience the echo. If you are game, lie on the ground in the middle dome and look up towards the dome. It is a beautiful sight!

This spot is featured in many wedding photos too. You don’t realize how massive it is until you get there and see it by yourself. This is one of my favorite tourist spots in San Francisco. I find this place beautiful, and relaxing. There is certainly a romantic feel to this place. It is not surprising to find many couples, young and old, strolling hand in hand at this place. I see many people having a picnic or strolling by the lake, watching the swans.

Don’t forget to visit the Exploratorium’s hands-on science exhibits located in the adjacent museum. This science museum is great for kids.

The view of the sunset on the Palace of Fine Arts is absolutely beautiful. The best photographic view is from Funston Avenue in the Presidio.

Just a short stroll across the road, I reached a lovely beach area where I witnessed the trials for American cup yacht race. I saw the yacht named Oracle. A few weeks after witnessing the yacht sailing, I heard on TV that the yacht sank, maybe I heard wrongly??

From here, you can also see the San Francisco, Golden Bridge in the background. Not a bad spot for photo taking indeed.

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