Double Decker Bus South Korea

I personally used these websites for all my travels.

30 April 2013

I have used Double Decker Bus in many countries when I visit, especially on the first day. I find that it is the best way to get familiarised yourself with the tourist spot using this bus. After using this bus to get an overview of the town/area, I then use the local public transport to get me around the places I found interesting on the first day. Each bus tour returns to the point of departure then repeats the same course. You don’t have to get off the bus if you choose not to do so.

With one ticket valid for the day, tourists may hop-on and –off at any of its destinations to visit the attractions of their choice However if you choose the “night time tours”, unfortunately you cannot hop on and off.

The bus tours that I took included: City Circulation, Cheonggyecheon Stream and Royal Palaces, Night Time Tours I & II as well as of the city’s most popular traditional markets. Included in the price of the bus tickets included:-

– Multi-lingual audio tour guide in English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese available on each seat.

– LCD monitor installed on each seat allows you to learn about the attractions before you arrive, en route.

– A foreign language interpreter (English, Japanese, Chinese) will also be present on the bus to answer any questions you may have.

– Pamphlet detailing Seoul City Bus Tours and destinations.
– Discounts for Seoul’s museums, performance halls, casinos and entertainment venues.


Traditional Markets

Seoul City Courses

City Circulation

Night Time I

Royal Palaces

Night Time II


Dongdaemun, in front of Doosan Tower

Gwanghwamun, in front of the Duty Free Shop
(Subway Gwanghwamun Stn., exit 6)

Hours of Operation


(Last bus at 7 p.m.)


(See note below)



Every 35 min.

Every 30 min.

Once daily

Every hour

Once daily



Every day, except on Mondays.
? Buses run on Mondays if it’s a holiday.
? Buses run every day during the summer peak season
(July 4 – August 15)

*The Cheonggyecheon Royal Palaces tour runs from 10 a.m. during the months of March, June, September, and November. All other months the tours begin at 9 a.m.

The Cheonggyecheon Royal Palaces tour does not stop by Deoksugung and Chenggye Square on Saturday afternoons after 2 p.m., holidays, and on occasions when the routes may be closed.


Traditional Markets Tour

Seoul City Courses

City Circulation

Nighttime I

Royal Palaces

Nighttime II



12,000 won

10,000 won

5,000 won

12,000 won

10,000 won

High school students and younger

8,000 won

8,000 won

3,000 won

8,000 won

6,000 won

Where to buy tickets

Ticket booth in front of Doosan Tower, Dongdaemun

Ticket booth at Gwanghwamun, next to Koreana Hotel

Phone inquiries



Web site

You may buy tickets directly from the on-board guide at any of the City Bus Tours if and when there are seats available. Note that you can pay with credit cards at the all Ticket booths but certain stops only accept cash only.

So far in all my travels, Korea’s Diyble Decker bus is the cheapest ticket I have ever paid. Well worth it.

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