Carved Images at Stone Forest, Kunming,Yunan,China

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Stone Forest, Rabbit

Kunming Yunnan

Stone Forest, King Kong

Stone Forest
Kunming is 1,891 meters above sea level and the stone forest

is 1,700 above sea level. Entry fee is 175 Yuan per person but it is free for Chinese resident age 70 year and over. The Stone forest is located 120km east of Kunming.

StoneForest, Carving

Western Hills, Map

Stone forest consist of thousand of narrow, strangely shaped pillars of rocks, scattered over an area of more than 80 hectares at this site alone. If you elderly or just not up to fitness level, you can take the trolley car that goes around the forest in aring shape. The trolley car with commentary does cost a bit we just walked. The guide can explain in Mandarin what each shape resembles eg a tortoise or a rabbit etc. If you re adventurous, you can walk off the track and see a rock formation that looks like King Kong. The taller of one such formation is 30m tall. I was looking for a stone resembling an Everlasting Fungus, Baby Buffalo, and Moon Grazing Rhino. Unfortunately I only saw the broken sword pond and baby elephant, tortoise & rabbit.

Western Hill, View

Western Hills
Western Hills is another place we visited

Western Hill, Carving of Cow

in Kunming but if youdon’t have time, it may not be worth your while. This hill is 2,200meters above sea level and we took a cable car up to the top and walked down. One way cable car cost Yuan 200. We walked to see the dragon gate and a Taoist temple. This is a group of grottoes, sculptures, corridors and pavilions that were hacked from the cliff between 1781 and 1835 by a Taoist monk and co-workers, who must have been hanging up there by their fingertips. At least that’s what the locals do when they visit, seeking out the most precarious

perches for views of Lake Dianci. The tunnel along the outer cliff edge is so n

arrow that only one or two people can squeeze by at a time, so avoid public holidays and weekends! As you approached the western hill, you should try to see if you can visualize a picture of a woman lying on her side. I could see it quite clearly.

Dynamic Yunnan Peacock

Dynamic Yunan
There is a show in Kunming called the “Dynamic Yunnan”

Dynamic Yunnan Actor

Dynamic Yunnan, Peacock Dance

This is a worldwide famous grand, original ethnic dance musical. It fuses beauty of Yunnan ethnic minorities dance and songs with the power of modern stage exhibition. In my opinion this show is a must. This troupe had gone international as well and it is just magnificent and words just cannot describe how mesmerized I was by this performance. Tickets are just Yuan 300, Yuan220 and Yuan140. My recommendation is “Not to be missed”

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