Mexico Border Town – Tijuana

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7 October 2012

I had intended to pop over to Tijuana, a town across the USA border but when I arrived at the border, the guards at the USA side informed me that because it is the weekend, it might take between 2-3 hours for processing immigration papers upon returning back to USA soil. Thus for that reason, I decided not to cross over to Tijuana, Mexico during this trip.

I was told that there is so much to see if I had join a tour to visit Tijuana.

Tijuana Sights Incude:
– General Zaragoza statue
– Avenida Revolution>
– Cuauhtemoc monument
– Jai Alai Fronton Palace
– Free book monument
– Tower of Agua Caliente
– Bazaar de Mexico
– Many cafes, restaurant serving authentic Mexican food

To get to this area, I board the blue trolley line from America Plaza in downtown using my daily pass. If I didn’t have a daily pass, the trolley ticket would be US$2.50 for a single journey. The end of the blue line is San Ysidro town, the town in USA, before the USA and Mexico border. San Ysidro has the usual fast food restaurant such as McDonalds, Jack in a box, burger king and other small retail shops. Across the bridge is a new shopping complex called the Las Americas Premium Outlets. This shopping outlet has over 125 stores to fill every designer addict’s need and every product is sold at a heavily discounted price as the products could be of last year seasons or are from a discontinued range. So if you into shopping and looking for a bargain and would like to get to a discount shopping outlet with minimum fuss ( that is you don’t have wheels), by all means consider this shopping outlet. You won’t be disappointed.

When the blue trolley stopped at the last stop at San Ysidro, just follow the sea of Mexican walking along the pedestrian’s walkway towards the Mexican border. When you reach the turnstile with the big sign “MEXICO”, you will know that once you cross the turnstile, you are in a different country. You will also notice the barred wires and fence as you walk along the pedestrian’s walkway towards the Mexican border. Kind of interesting to experience the walk, that all Mexican takes for granted!

According to the border security guard, most Mexicans cross the border daily to work and returning back to Mexico each night. Some Mexicans comes across to purchase goods to bring back to Mexico. I suppose that explain the recent placement of one of the shopping outlets at this border.


You don’t need to cross the USA / Mecican border. It is easy to take the trolley to just see what and where the border is. If you have time, hop over the bridge to do some shopping at the discount outlets.

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