Random Act of Kindness in Frankfurt, Germany

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February 2010

Has anyone received or given any Random Acts of Kindness from strangers during their travels?

Well, my sister-in law did. She had the most amazing story to tell me. I have since met this ‘stranger’ who has now become one of our best friend and part of the family. My sister-in-law met this guy at London airport. She was checking in a guitar and the staff at the airport counter insisted on charging a fee for checking in the guitar. Well, being an avid traveller, she had never had to pay a single cent for checking in her guitar before ! Off course, you can imagine the verbal conversation going on between her and the steward at the airline counter. Hali was standing behind my sister-in-law and obviously heard the conversation and seek to comfort my sister-in-law by relaying his own ‘expensive’ travelling experiences. He had paid a lot more ( cannot remember the exact amount) for the boat ride to get him to the airport on time whilst travelling in Asia ! After paying the ‘fee’ to checked in the guitar, she chatted to Hali and from the conversation, both found out that my sister-in-law was going to the wrong airport upon arrival as Frankfurt has 2 airports. Imagine the shock and disbelief as she is due to do a presentation at a seminar that day! Hali (who has his car at Frankfurt airport), this good samaritan proceeded to drive her to the correct airport and she managed to get to her workplace in the nick of time. Can you imagine a stranger offering to drive you (kilometers away)to your destination? I am so touched by Hali “Random Acts of Kindness”. I have also seen the movie ‘Pay it Forward” and am encourage to pay it forward even though the “Random Acts of Kindness” was not given to me directly. Isn’t Hali* a wonderful person? Has anyone one out there had similar experiences as my sister-in-law during their travels? Love to hear from you.

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