I have the “RUNS” diarrhoea in Bali, Indonesia

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Bali Belly
We all have heard of Bali belly. Wonder where the word comes from?

Bali is an tropical island in Indonesia. One of the most beautiful islands among 17,000 other islands within Indonesian archipelago. Warm throughout the year (yes, you’ll definitely get tanned) with lots of white sand and blue water sea beaches.

Why do people attached the negative word to such a beautiful island destination?

The only logical conclusion I came to is that Bali is a beautiful and cheap holiday destination with friendly locals and therefore many tourist consider this island to be their favourite destination.

It is recorded that at beginning of 2012, Bali have over 2.465 million foreign visitors (cumulative figures). When you go to Bali and drink unpurified contaminated water, and subsequently end up with extreme digestive illness (ie VOMITING AND DIARRHOEA…not at all pretty), multiply by that many tourist, one can understand that word will become as famous as the word google.

My tip: You should only ever drink bottled water in bali.

Up to half of us travelling abroad succumb to diarrhoea and stomach upset during one of our many holiday adventures (not just to Bali). I read that you can improve the odds by taking a probiotic, such as live yoghurt or branded pills or drinks, in the run-up to your holidays.

Evidence suggests probiotics – containing ‘good’ bacteria – can enhance your immune system as part of a balance diet and strength the barrier that keeps out toxins as advised by one of the most helpful English speaking pharmist in Kuching Town when I had the ”much debated diarrhoea’ (after consuming the local fruits and ice drinks) .- CS Lo Pharmacy, 28 Khoo Hueng Yang Street, Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia, opposite the Open Air Market food stalls, near Electra House Shopping Centre.
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