Kuching Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Sarawak, Borneo Malaysia

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Orang Utan in the Wild

The Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is located in the vicinity of the 10th mile precinct in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. An unusual holiday experience. Check out the pictures of the “Wildman of Borneo”.

I am just 1 foot away from Orang Utan in the Wild

Orang Utan walking away from me

It sure is a wonderful holiday experience to watch the feeding of the ”Wild Man of the Jungle” as you won’t be able to see this anywhere else in Sarawak. If you are lucky, you will see many Orang Utan and their extended families such asReggie, Madu etc. Today at 3pm session, I saw 11 O

Orang Utan standing on branch just above my head

rang Utan and some are up close but the keeper told us to stay further away as they do bite. Took many photos ! Even managed to take a photo of Reggie who is 38 years old, the biggest and oldest of them all. Apparently, due to the rain, this morning visitors/holiday makers only manged to see just 2 Orang Utans. This wildlife centre is basically an Orang Utan rehabilitation santuary as

One of them swinging…..about 2 meters away

there are no other wildlife except for a couple ofcrocodiles in cages.

There are 2 feeding time for ”our relatives” who lived in the wild: 9-10am and 3-4pm. I have been told that you may not see any Orang Utan in Nov or Dec as that is the fruiting season and there are too many fruits in the jungle so they seldom come out for their regular feed.

Looking at me to see if I have any food for it. Note my cap at edge of photo

I spoke to the keeper about these Orang Utans. He said they are so used to the routine that they don’t need an alarm clock to tell them it is feeding time ! That is amazing. Apparently, they just appear around the feeding areas around 3pm or sometimes earlier looking for the keepers and the food, of course. Approx 4pm, they will return back to the jungle to avoid their ”holiday sight seeing customers” !!