Coolest Toilet in the World, Japan

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Best Toilet in the World would be the Japanese toilets. I am totally amazed by the technology that had not spread to any other parts of the world that I had traveled to and I had traveled to most of Europe and Asian countries. I also met a fellow tourist who had traveled to over 30 countries in both Europe. USA, Africa, Australia and Asia and her experience is similar to mine. She indicated that she had not experience such clean and “well trained” toilet as some of the toilet knows when to open the seat covers if previously closed ! Most toilets in Japan are fitted with an antiseptic wipe for the toilet seats. Most are also fitted with 2 types of wash for our precious parts.(mind you fitted with warm water as well, not cold water, which is very much appreciated.) Most toilet seats are heated and as mentioned previously, some toilets are even equipped with self opening seat cover and self flashing. That way one does not even need to touch any part of the toilet surfaces at all. That to me is very clean and hygienic. In Muslim culture, they used water to clean themselves after going to the toilets. If they had used the kind of toilets that the Japanese used, their toilets and surroundings will be clean and “DRY”. I must admit that aside from tourist sights and the people, toilet facilities are one of my enjoyable and memorable part of my trip to Japan.