Valerian – My Choice of Drug for Sleeping Problems

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Valerian – My Choice of Drug for Sleeping Problems

All these year, while travelling for business or holidays, I take valerian capsules a few hours before I go to bed. This certainly helps me rest for the night (no matter what country I am in, sleeping in different type of bed or using an unfamiliar pillow).
This has greatly reduced my jetlag problems.
Due to the fact that valerian is medicinal herb that can help the central nervous system in much the same way as valium, it helps me rest and be fresh for the next day. I read a health article that valerian have tranquilizing effects and yet gentle on the central nervous system. This means that valerian will not have the addictive qualities like valium.  Valerian is sold in most chemists without a prescription.

Valerian can have calming effects on the nerves, as well as aid sleep by decreasing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, decreasing the number of times one awakes in the night, and keeping a person from feeling groggy after waking in the morning like conventional sleep medication. That is what everyone needs when they travel especially those who travel for business meetings or jet setting from one country to the next meeting up with clients etc.

Valerian root is best taken in capsule form (sold in Chemists in that form mostly), due to its highly potent smell. The capsules are available in vegetarian caps so great options for vegetarians.

However, making an herbal tea with the root may be the best way to ensure a high quality of the herbal remedy. I don’t actually mind the taste so much; it certainly tastes better than it smells, but I still have found that valerian root capsules are quite helpful and best for me personally in relaxing my natural abilities to become tense and irritable in stressful situations. In fact, since taking valerian, I’ve found that I am much more capable of compromising and negotiating, both of which have served me well during my business trip.  I also tend to take valerian when travelling with my family. This will ensue that I will be able to spend much more quality time with them.

I read in some travel magazines that valerian can also be used to treat headaches, backaches, menstrual problems, colds, and sores. However, I personally have never taken valerian for those aliments except for my travel sleeping problems.
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