3) Jet Lag

Tips on Jet Lag

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Base on my experience, jet lag will pass after a few days, once you fall into sync with your destination. I read that jetlag is worst if you’re flying east because the human body cycle is actually slightly longer than 24 hours, which makes it hard to shift your body clock earlier. Jet lag is really bad if you watched movies all night long in the plane and didn’t sleep a wink !

Hey what about if you are sick to start off with ! Jet lag will certainly make make you feel even worse. Not only do I have blocked ears, that blocked ears is worse during flying.

Upon arrival at your destination, try not to go to bed until it is night time there. I know it can be hard and you might want to sleep but try to resist the urge to take a nap. I normally try to go for a walk or do something that will not put me to sleep, like watching an exciting movie. That’s me…..

Read Here for Detailed information on how I overcome Jet Lag!

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4 thoughts on “3) Jet Lag

  1. Important point you make there. but i actually do not fully agree with you on this. also things are a bit evolved nowadays.

  2. i am not sure what is best but jetlag is really aweful especially from Europe to Australia but what really helps is heaps of exercise and sunshine. research done on hamsters show that those hamsters that were subjected to exercise on a wheel recovered faster than those. of course, these were under experimental conditions and they WERE hamsters. But i found that if i forced myself to stay awake and do my yoga and gym even in a small hotel, i do recover faster.

  3. What I tell my clients:
    1) Adjust your watch before boarding the plane or even the night before to the local time. On the plane, act according to your ‘local time” that you have set.

    2) At the holiday destination, try to let your body clock adapt straight away. Go for a walk or listen to upbeat music if you are meant to be awake, according to the ”local time”.

    3) If you are suppose to sleep according to the ”local time”, try taking a natural substance such as Valerian to help relaxes you and let you rest.

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