Langkawi, Malaysia


Langkawai, Malaysia

Whilst visiting Malaysia, I went to another island called Langkawi, further north of Penang. Sometimes when you book a MAS flight, they offer free trip to Langkawi and that is how I ended up in this beautiful island. Langkawi is a cluster of 99 islands wit the best of many world (I was told). It has beautiful beaches, world class infrastructure, and mangrove rich in flora and fauna. Langkawi must be the only duty free island in Malaysia (that I know of). I bought duty frees drinks and chocolates and even a small suit case to hold all my extra souvenirs from my trip. Only cost me Rm20. This is really amazing.

In my opinion, there is really nothing much to do here unless you are just into the sun, sea, sand and snorkel and that is not a bad thing as most people come here to relax anyway. One can go snorkelling at Malaysia first Marine Park – Pulau Payar, a small island with fantastic marine life or view the feeding of wild eagles and walk along the various mangroves walkways.

You can also visit this natural waterfall park with natural rock pools, big enough for swimming around. I noticed monkeys playing around the water as well. Beware of these monkeys as they will and had come near tourist’s belongings and stolen their small bag. The natural waterfall I visited is the one near Mutiara Hotel. As the water comes from the mountain, it is a refreshing cool change from the tropical heat.

If you come by car, you will have to pay a small fee to the locals for parking. They “managed” the public car park. I also went up the mountain in a cable car to view the whole of Langkawi from up top and checked out the view of Burau Bay.I also checked out the sky bridge. Amazing.

The villages are mostly Malay so the better cuisine are local Malay food such as Nasi Kandar which is rice plus 1 or 2 meat dish on single plate. These kinds of local meal are inexpensive, especially if you eat at their local café. However, there are many western cuisines such as fish & chips, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Irish pup etc on the main street of this island. Prices are reasonable for the small potion you get. I much prefer the local cuisine, myself. There are many places that you can stay overnight at all budget level.

The final day was spent visiting the Underwater World, drove past the 3 golf course, (yes, 3 in such a small island) and head off to the airport.

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